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2012.03.13 (Tue)


march 12 was my BIIIIRRTHDAYYYY i had a tiny tea party lunch with evelyn because i am a bad planner and i do last minute things and my other frands couldn't make it oh well

hat, choker: rowky
jacket: my ANUS jacket
dress: bodyline (evelyn got it for me for xmas!)
tights: gap kids
ankle socks: leg avenue
shoes: antenna
bag: h&m
sunglasses: f21

P1040323.jpg P1040330.jpg

my chola-y makeup

P1040333.jpg P1040344.jpg

more pictures of my face for no reason

P1040341.jpg P1040347.jpg

the back of my jacket and i added 3 patches to the front. still need more spikes n stufffffff

P1040349.jpg P1040350.jpg

P1040355.jpg P1040353.jpg

we went to cha-an tea house! evelyn had the matcha latte and i had a chai latte. i dropped my little spoon on the floor :c



evelyn got this set of food that was kind of super healthy and she couldn't handle the lack of preservatives it was killing her. spicy miso soup and rice and some kind of pork balls in sauce, and salmon and some kind of tofu croquettes i think? evelyn didn't eat her vegetables so i ate some of them i think. the soy milk and mushroom quiche looks like a fat little pizza


i got an afternoon tea set and it had these little sandwiches, one salmon and one raspberry cream cheese


and it came with all these sweets yay! two scones and a little muffin and a macaron and a sesame cookies

P1040361.jpg P1040362.jpg

P1040363.jpg P1040364.jpg

i have to put cream on everything i eat and also the last dessert was this citrus-y chocolate cream puff that also comes with evelyn's set but we got too full to finish it



here is a picture of me at chase bank because i always have a picture of me at chase bank wearing lolita for some reason ok

but then we went to a different tea place and evelyn got a yogurt drink and i got a taro milk tea


she decided we had been too healthy and got a thing of spicy fried chicken and took out her pocket hobbit she got at work


she drew me a nigel thornberry


gave me this tiny minnie mouse phone charm. she got me cat ears but they are still in the mail!!!!


drank at a really dinky bar. evelyn didn't drink she watched and judged


p.s. these shoes i bought in january when i was sad (as well as a bunch of other stuff) came in time for my birthday!


p.p.s. look what i got in the mail!!!!!!!!!

bye bye

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hey your birthday looked pretty fun looks like you got some cool stuff! and you eat so many yummy foods I wanna eat food too!
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