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2011.12.28 (Wed)

last christmas

creepy creep grows up, end of an era etc


dress: offbrand
socks: angelic pretty, betsey johnson
shoes: whoops why did i put bodyline before, they're secret shop

i am holding a limi feu bag because i wanted to use it, but it's too small for all the junk i carry around instead i used a blue angelic pretty tote bag


my faaaaaace the eyepatch is from j-list. i got a discount cover girl lip gloss from k-mart i like it a lot hah it tingles and smells like toothpaste


me and evelyn did one last purikura cuz the place is gonna close down by the end of the year u___u she didn't like her close up so i blocked it out
and then we ate a lot of curry and i went over to her house and we ate more yehhhh


i like the little one quite a lot

bye bye purikura store bye bye childhood

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that is sad about purikura machine. I got to use one one time, the pictures are on my fridge to make them cooler.
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