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2011.02.13 (Sun)

✖ quickie reviews: random ol' junk

this is stuff i've accumulated over a long period of time and never wrote about or posted to poupeegirl *___* hopefully my post will help somebody somewhere O:

stuff i purchased from adambeauty (which i highly recommend btw!). the fat pink tube and skinny flesh colored tube are suppin rin eye cream, the pink is for night time and the fleshy one is a tinted one for day time. makes your eye area feel really soft and moisturized! the tinted one isnt too pigmented so it should work for about everyone, that being said, it doesn't do much for undereye circles. both nice to have around, i think, for when the skin around your eyes is dry.

kiss me heroine mascara (long & curl) - does make my lashes look longer and slightly more curled. waterproof, difficult to remove even with makeup remover. smudges a little but i have combo oily skin :C would like to have volume too but i guess it never did claim to boost volume so i can't complain about that. i wouldn't buy this again.

bonbon OL lip gloss (pink bonbon) - has very fine shimmers, not very goopy or sticky but it's kind of boring tbh. the pink is a pretty color though. little brush applicator. suckered by pretty packaging...

rohto moistiara lip gloss (pink quartz) - pale pink, thick and sticky and shimmery. i wouldn't have bought this color if i knew it was so light, i was fooled by stock pictures, blahhhh. i also wasn't expecting this to be so damn tiny! not worth the price imo.

delicious kiss lip gloss (peach) - i can't decide if i like the smell or not? it's sort of peachy but in a perfume-y kind of way. it's less sticky than moistiara, and the two ribbons mix together and make a pretty, sheer peach color. even though it's the most sparkly i like this one the best out of the three glosses i bought, but it's also damn tiny!!



more recently i had my first order from eyeko, which i think i tried to buy from a long time ago but failed for some reason. anyway they were having a promotion which was 3 items for the price of 2, and the weekly offer was a free nail polish. the color was "vintage" which is a mint green so of course i had to do it *__*

graffiti eyeliner pen (black) - this is fabulous! buy it! it's everything i thought the hello kitty eyeliner pen would be (which is the first thing i was so upset with that i returned to sephora btw) at half the price. it's dark dark black and does not budge at all once it dries. the tip is a stiff felt marker tip which i don't really like but the formula is the best.

fat balms (frosting and minty) - i read reviews of these and people said the frosting balm smelled exactly like cupcakes but mine doesn't. it smells like lip product :C the minty one does smell nice and minty though, and the colors are nice and glide on rather smoothly. minty is very sheer but is reflective, i noticed little bits of blue on my lips and it kind of brightens your face up. got these because they have spf 15 as well, but i don't think they are worth the price ($10) for their size, unless you get them in a sale. these are more of a splurge than anything. you can put them on your cheeks as well, but i wouldn't.

nail polish (vintage) - the formula is very thick so it's hard to get a thin layer without streaks. i needed at least 3 coats for the color to be opaque. it's a creme but the finish looks almost like jelly or jadeite! dupe wise it's a tad lighter than essie turquoise & caicos.


random stuff i picked up

wet n wild trio
(cool as a cucumber) - i bought this because of the dark green color, which is amazingggg. i don't care for the other two shadows (tbh the purple one looks like a bruise) but this was $3 so it doesn't matter. best drugstore eyeshadow ever.

miss X cream eyeliner
(myxomatosis) - i had a hard time looking for reviews of miss X cosmetics but i went ahead and got this (a long, long time ago!) because i like colorful eyeliners. (myxomatosis is a rabbit disease btw.) this is kind of stiff for a cream eyeliner, but it might be that mine's a bit dried out? i do like the color which is bright and a bit shimmery, but it's not waterproof and smudges. i got it on sale, but it's not a must-have either way.

milani liquif'eye (black, gold and aqua) - shit's amazing. ignore the stupid name and buy it already!

revlon colorburst lipstick (pink sugar) - cute name, cute tube, cute color... except it's practically invisible on my lips save for a few glitters. it's SO sheer :C i can't even see it on my hand.


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2010.12.21 (Tue)

✖ review: hello kitty x sephora

on saturday night i checked my email and saw that sephora was having a lil preview sale for ~beauty insiders~ for a hello kitty collection that is coming mid-january! i needed a new liquid eyeliner but i bought the other things just for fun, and also because i refuse to pay sephora shipping, heh. normally i buy junk (namely clothes) because i've hurt myself in some way but this time i think it went the other way around and i was punished for buying this stuff (yesterday i fell and hit my head :C ) ANYWAYS

click here for a close up!
apple balm the texture is thick, if you are familiar with sleek makeup's pout polish, it's similar to that, but thicker. fairly moisturizing and the color is subtle but does show up on the lips. has a fruity scent that i wouldn't say is really apple-y. it was 9USD, which for that price i'd spring for the pout polish because pout polish has SPF in it and i don't believe this does.

roller girl perfume i like the scent but it's not my favorite scent ever. it's soft and fruity, i thought i could smell a bit of grapefruit at first (i'm not really a grapefruit fan) but it mellows out and becomes more powdery and girly. it's not strong at all. the packaging seems sturdy and it's small enough to carry around. it was 18USD.

pen pal eyeliner i bought this in the black color "goodnight dreams." i regret buying this. the pen is very sturdy plastic and the cap stays on very well. the pen tip is the pointy felt kind and you can draw thin or thick lines. the liner is thick and glides easily, a nice opaque black. i seem to have imagined that the eyeliner is waterproof, but it did claim on sephora "The Pen Pal liquid eyeliner marker contains an inventive formula with pure pigments that dry quickly and allow extreme, all-day wear with no stain effect." however after i swatched it on my hand and allowed it to dry, even touching it with my (dry) finger it smudged! and it runs the minute water touches it. it cost 18USD and i think i will return it because it's basically unwearable for me :\

liquid nail art the color is "minty!" this is my favorite from my order. (but i collect mint green nail polish so...) it took me three coats to cover my nail completely. the formula is smooth, not gloppy and i really like the color. the mint color is perfect! it's a little warmer and yellower than other mint polishes i have. it cost 10USD, i think it's reasonable for such a sweet color and cute bottle :D

from left to right: hello kitty "minty"; essie "mint green apple"; barryM "mint green"; sally hansen "gentle blossom"; etude house "tender mint"; china glaze "refresh mint"; illamasqua "milf"


my collection so far

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