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2012.12.20 (Thu)

ny comiccon

i went to nycc as a spectator this year! evelyn and karlen shared a table and i wanted to see, i got a pro pass
it was nice just to look around and not have to sit behind a table and deal with ~business~ stuff but it was suuuper crowded everywhere


a sea of nards


i was looking thru hentai doujins and they carded me 8(


a bane


a rikku and her frand ??


a joker a bat a HQ


just two Cool Guys


alakazam just chillin


whore a graphic novel


lego gandalf n lego bilbo


a dumb face with lego hulk


a mr. freeze


a marty mcfly




my favorite bat


found marty again (or a different marty???) and a model and a delorean and a batmobile ???


the best part was hip hop and comics panel we went to on the second day


grab bag vinyl


DMC tellin stories


spotted a lana in the audience!

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2012.03.09 (Fri)

cindy sherman

finally saw cindy sherman exhibit at the moma today! last time me and paril tried to go see it but we were too late and it was clooossssseeeedd

P1040084.jpg P1040086.jpg

P1040088.jpg P1040089.jpg

there was a tiny red mirror above us and that was my favorite thing at hallo berlin, and i noticed that the lights are actually pieces of computer paper???
i had a jager schnitzel with spaetzle and paril had a a a some kind of meatball something berger klopse? i don't really remember anyway the mushroom gravy was really good on mine and it was the first time i had spatzle! and it was silly and i like it. also the red cabbage! i like this place. food is really hearty and makes you feel all manly and ready for swordfights and adventures ???




cindy sherman show was amazing!! all the color prints are huuuge and you can see every single detail and little hair! space is really well paced too. the historical portraits were my favorite room, after that i think i like the black and white 70s-80s prints the most





the other exhibit on the 6th floor. all prints


thomas schutte prints







OK SO THEN we went to see the seuss show at animazing gallery finally, but they didn't let us in because there was a private event that jason mraz would be at or whatever, so we stared from outside into the window and this was all we could see. also now i hate jason mraz i hate him so much


joan jonas lunar rabbit installation at some lighting place


there was an event here too! people were having wine but we didn't get any :c


i wanted to poke around this hoochie store, i wanted this bitch bracelet but in necklace or earring form but they didn't have any


but i did get these earrings because paril said i should wear more earrings


we had a cheapo dinner special at novella in little italy, rigatoni alla vodka and a glass of white wine *O*

bye bye

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2011.11.22 (Tue)

it's too cold

edit of an old photo greasy took in the spring

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2011.11.16 (Wed)

yesterday and other

taking a break from china posts!


derp derp i haven't taken a lot of outfit snaps lately because i have been gross looking but this is what i wore yesterday. also i found my hobo coat! but it was actually too warm to wear it so i wore my bear jacket instead

P151111301.jpg P1511113103.jpg

met greasy and we hung out with her brother we ate some cheap fried chicken



let me complain about these pickles. these are not pickles. we came across a lady selling vats of pickles on the street and we bought 2 "new pickles" but these could hardly be called pickles, they are just wannabe pickle cucumbers that have been sitting in pickle juice all day so don't buy street pickles

later me and greasy watched little shop of horrors and then we went to a 7-11 because greasy was craving greasy food. i'm still baffled that 7-11 makes food but w/e she also got some beers and we dicked around. shared a can of beer but didn't have a place to really drink so she cleverly disguised our can with her sock! also ate chex mix. then greasy bought a cheap slice of hot dog pizza and we went home

last friday


last friday i went to the goth store at which i am technically hired on the basic paperwork level but don't have any hours because i am not actually officially hired. and i didn't get hired again so i moped around and ate this apple pumpkin tart by myself

P1111111724.jpg P1111111825.jpg

took myself "shopping" but didn't buy anything cuz i'm broke ha. i like this hello kitty shit at forever21 bawwwwwwwwww

also bought a cheap pair of socks at a department store and then promptly fell asleep on a chair in said department store ahahhahahahuu. woke up an hour later, hopped on a train back down to brooklyn and met greasy to go to a bar that's a florist by day and bar by night but it was too crowded so instead we bought beer at a bodega and went back to her place and ate ramen and watched harry potter instead.

P111112212.jpg P11111823.jpg



haa this is a sandwich greasy made me at 5 am cuz i got super hungry and she had another ramen. i thought it was a great idea to call my boyfriend at this time and tell him i was eating this sandwich but he didn't pick up the phone :c :c :c anyways me and greasy had been discussing super important stuff like the universe and the illuminati and schizophrenia and i don't really remember details but i'm sure at one point i looked her in the eye and i said "greasy you killed a man."

sandwich: potato bread, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, red onion, ham, shame

went to sleep at 6 am and woke up four hours later because wonderbread was licking my face what a creep! fell back and sleep and greasy woke me up at 11:30 cuz she had to go to work even tho she wasn't feeling well. finished a beer while she was getting ready. we went our separate ways and i stopped by a rite aid to buy contact lens solution and 2 kitkat bars. i actually really wanted to eat breakfast at a diner by myself but didn't have enough money so i did that the next day after i mailed some stuff people bought from my store. i really like eating at diners by myself??


bye bye wonderbread you are my favorite cat lately even tho you make my face sticky

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2011.11.08 (Tue)

tianjin adventures

tianjin is a city that's near beijing and it's famous for its snacky snack district. i didn't buy too many snacks here but i did get these little fried cookie things shaped like tiny dumplings they taste p. good




this is a street that has a lot of little street vendors and stores in it that sell a whole bunch of stuff. there is a place that will carve your name onto a stamp but i didn't have time to dick around and wait for them to do it i want a little 麦 stamp!









i like how this place looks a lot!!!






this is a big indoor food market thing that has lots of restaurants and snack people it's where i got my tiny dumplings. i also got a russian nesting doll here uuhuhuhu

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