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2011.05.11 (Wed)

jobless♥♥♥ bum♥♥♥

durr i just submitted my last time sheet for my last paycheck at MMS today, so i am like officially unemployed ;__; i am graduating and they are gunna replace me with young people full of promise and potential
so i had nothing to do today because evelyn is too busy to see her bff anymore so i went to the post office to pick something up and it was a wig so then i just did this because i have no life anymore yep

oh but here's some presents i got from work people last week!


a super cool card signed by lots of people


this pamphlet was stapled to the back, i guess i was unacceptable


what's inside the disney tin???


oh it's just the best gift of all!!

i am gonna watch it later i'll probably be... team edward i'm a big fan of glitter

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2010.01.15 (Fri)

☆who is this asshole☆

probably from some lame ass comic book
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