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2012.12.22 (Sat)

christmas gorl date

yesterday i had a Girl Date with evelyn and paril


hiroko's place is qt


qt goldfish


disney stockings!


starting salad


soy green tea latte U 3 U


i had seafood gratin, macaroni and cheese with scrimps and tiny scallops and octopee


evelyn had anpan man omu rice, anpan man is filled with fried rice and chicken

i didn't get a picture but paril had tarako spaghetti which is one of my faves it tastes very very qt


shared a strawby parfait

merry christmas!

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2012.03.04 (Sun)

mystery mouse

yesterday i was a mystery mouse


the most mysterious mouse

me and paril went to smac and had all the mac and cheese and stuff
P1040038.jpg P1040039.jpg






ALL GONE!!! ate so much cheese, maybe even too much cheese. mystery mouse doesn't need cheese for another month. my favorite one was the parisienne cuz it had mushrooms in it


i wanted to see the cindy sherman stuff at moma but we missed it, so we dicked around in the halloween store and i made a lot of ugly faces

P1040055.jpg P1040056.jpg

outside some bar???

P1040058.jpg P1040057.jpg

went to this place for the first time???


after i went to greasy's house and brought her a cupcake and she made tea because she was sad


i went home and found my greatest nemesis/long lost lover macho mouse was nearby???


on friday jake was in town and we ate at menchanko-tei and i had kuro tonkatsu ramen because somebody recommended it to me. ate an oil spill!


jake's shrimp headdddd


drawing of birds above the toilet???


later i went to i/o yeah ok bye

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2011.07.25 (Mon)

the russian tea room & the magic toilet

P14071115421.jpg P14071116461.jpg

a couple weeks ago i made a reservation at the russian tea room because it was restaurant week and food was cheaper yep yep i went with paril and eve + her bf and we were all fancy and shit. sorta. i like the decor a lot it was pretty gaudy and russian.

breads.jpg borscht.jpg
bass.jpg cheesecake.jpg

balls of butter!! ok so i had the borscht, the bass and the cheesecake. i think it was pretty good! i had never had borscht before though, sooooo i don't know if it was like a spectacular borscht or w/e but it came with this puff pastry with this meat filling and that was really delicious. bass was tender and sweet. the cheesecake is really rich *___* and it was a really filling meal i was surprised. i also had a cafe au lait with my dessert but paril and eve got teas.


tea service


they got the chocolate mousse instead of the cheesecake. i feel like the dessert plates have this ugly pattern that don't have to do with anything tho.


i don't often spend this much money on food but i figured i'd probably never come here again anyway. and usually i just eat like... twigs and berries oops


there is an ~opulent gift shop beneath the dining area, before the bathroom


sofa.jpg _IMG_6492.jpg

we went to this kitschy furniture store


_IMG_6500.jpg boots.jpg

at bergdorf goodman i wanted these beautiful beautiful shoes but they cost $6000 bawwwww
also i tried on these $7000 boots and it was a struggle i am legit too fat and short and poor to wear these shoes fml


oh also i met jlo

jane mai and evelyn visit the magic toilets!!


it was a monday i think anyway this was what i was wearin
top: hellcatpunks
shorts: cut up pants
socks: betsey johnson
shoes: cheap ass filthy sneakers


food food food food was ok but i was more impressed by


the bathroom!! the doors on each stall are actually see-through but if you go into one and shut it it fogs up and it says occupied at the top we think it's a projection of some sort it's pretty magic

P19071116061.jpg P1907111606.jpg
P1907111605.jpg P1907111610.jpg

i showed evelyn this tiny sorta secret store called kiosk that's full of silly things

p.s.!! i didn't post my lunches for a while


here is one i made recently it's vegetable curry and noodles and for dessert a strawberry pudding with nectarine bits in it and some green tea soymilk !!

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2011.03.25 (Fri)

curry time!!


i have a hard time getting out of bed when i don't have to go to school school/work and i'm likely to wake up past like 1-2pm only because i get hungry or have to pee
anyways today i crawled out of bed and i made this curry with lots of vegetables and pink rice for lunch and some random smoked salmon yum yum
don't feel like doin anything else today

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2011.02.25 (Fri)

the food gallery!

my new toy camera, the "PICK!" digicam in yellow! i wanted the red one but it was sold out but yellow is the next best thing right? i took the following pictures with it, it was my first day and i should probably fidget less because a bunch came out really blurry. what i like about it better than the biscuit cam is that you charge an internal battery via built in USB and it uses a microSD card, so i can easily recharge it and if it does run out of battery my pictures won't disappear.

today me & evelyn went to a place called the food gallery, it's a 3 floor food... gallery that has lots of korean food booths, a crepe place, and MACARONS

this is the third floor

we sat in a corner by a window. this is what beautiful winter new york weather looks like LOL

it's hard to judge how the pictures will crop with the pick because there's no viewfinder, and it seems to be super zoomed in all the time. this is my bibimbap (with raw egg mmmmmmmmmmmm)

little sides of pickled vegetables and kimchi and it came with a small bowl of seaweed soup too!

macarons!! i got two more afterwards. the green tea, sesame, pistachio and lemon were the best ones imo! my least favorite was chocolate but they were good all around. strawberry was decent. much better than the ones i had last time from le patissier anyway (but i think cha-an makes the best green tea macarons)

street pictures
i got four celebis today ;D

H mart. i really like supermarkets um if you hadn't noticed. i also have a million unflattering pictures of evelyn ehehehheeh

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