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2012.12.30 (Sun)


i bought a wire mannequin to model things i'm selling, but here is a cat lady coordinate!


i wanted to wear this the last time i had a gorl date but i was afraid it would be too rainy and i didn't want my velveteen to get wet. also i got lazy, but maybe i'll actually wear it soon.

jsk: cornet
bow: metamorphose
fur collar: swimmer
wristcuffs: innocent world
tights: music legs
bag: ahcahcum muchacha
socks: sock dreams

the sweater is some random wool turtle neck with a waffle-ish weave and the shoes are faux suede, from some mini mall in guangzhou




the umbrella i claimed from the lost and found where i used to work. sad cats!

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2012.12.22 (Sat)

christmas gorl date

yesterday i had a Girl Date with evelyn and paril


hiroko's place is qt


qt goldfish


disney stockings!


starting salad


soy green tea latte U 3 U


i had seafood gratin, macaroni and cheese with scrimps and tiny scallops and octopee


evelyn had anpan man omu rice, anpan man is filled with fried rice and chicken

i didn't get a picture but paril had tarako spaghetti which is one of my faves it tastes very very qt


shared a strawby parfait

merry christmas!

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2012.12.20 (Thu)

international lolita day

on december 1st i celebrated international lolita day with my friend emily and some other local lolitas

photo 2

headbow: handmade
cutsew: knit&co
jsk: surface spell
socks: metamorphose
shoes: capezio
bag: h&m

emily was at the etsy craft fair so i went there to meet up with her, and met some of her friends as well
we went to a nearby cafe called hiroko's place


i had macaroni n cheese and a strawberry smoothie


and some tarako spaghetti

HNI_0065.jpg HNI_0068.jpg

girl time

afterwards i changed and loitered outside lulu's lounge with jv. but it was the wrong lulu's his friends were at so we admitted defeat and checked out the brooklyn night bazaar

photo 3-3


dimmer, louder, drunker, sweatier than the etsy craft fair!

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